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10 Things I’m « Dying » to See & Do in Southeast Asia


Wow, my trip to Southeast Asia is officially less than two weeks away! In 13 days Stacey and I will be on a flight to Cambodia – holy cow! In honor of this trip being so close I wanted to give a little list of ten things I am absolutely dying to see on our Southeast Asia trip! For more updates while w’ere on the road be sure to follow my Instagram @fortheloveofwanderlust and For the Love of Wanderlust’s Facebook page which you can find here!

« Angkor Wat – Cambodia »


This massive Hindu-turned-Buddhist temple complex is the largest religious monument in the entire world! I am so eager to explore this site whose name means City of Temples – how magical does that sound? I also cannot wait to meet and interact with some of the Theravada monks there. I’m giddy just typing this!

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« Tonle Sap – Cambodia »


Tonle Sap is a lake in Cambodia with this little village built into it. We cannot wait to visit here! Not only do I want to spend time with the people here, but I hear that it is an ecological hotspot! The world’s largest freshwater fish lives in this lake! Crazy!

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« Buddha Park – Laos »

Buddha Park

Holy, wow! This place is something that I am DYING to visit. This park in Laos has around 200 Buddhist and Hindu works of art. Even though this isn’t a temple, I can only imagine how spiritual this park will feel! 

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« Pak Ou Caves – Laos »


This cave isn’t merely a natural site, but it is filled with all of these mini-Buddhist statues! I cannot wait to be in this cave temple! 

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« Ride an Elephant – Thailand »


I have always loved, loved, loved Asian Elephants. There just seems to be this spiritual grace about them, and I can’t imagine going to Thailand and not seeing part of the country on the back of an elephant. Dream. Come. True.

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« Bagan – Burma »


In this 9th century capital, there were around 10,000 temples- today, twelve centuries later around 2,000 of these temples still remain in the countryside. Visiting Bagan is something that I would love to do – perhaps even check it out from a hot air balloon? Who knows!?

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« Ubud Rice Terraces – Indonesia »


I love agricultural terraces. I think they’re absolutely stunning, and I’ve never seen more beautiful examples of these in photos than the ones in Southeast Asia – especially in Ubud, Bali! I hope we get to check these out!

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« Tirta Empul Temple – Indonesia »


I am so eager to visit this beautiful Hindu temple filled with holy water and experience being cleansed here! This temple dedicated to Vishnu is from the 10th century. I am so eager to experience is amazing temple.

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« Swimming with Whale Sharks – Philippines »

whale sharks

This makes me incredibly nervous, as do most things that involve water and sea creatures. As much as I want to do these things and I love these animals, I always have a minor freak-out once I get in the water. However, with these, I feel a bit justified in being freaked out.

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« Ha Long Bay – Vietnam »


Now this is one of those sites that even though you’ve seen it on several blogs and sites, you know you just have to see it! How could you not want to sail between these beautiful rock formations?! Count me in! 

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Those are my top 10 for Southeast Asia. If you could pick 10, what would yours be? Any from this list that you’ve visited? What did you think?


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  • Reply
    February 18, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    The Pak Ou Caves on the Mekong are in Laos north of Luang Prabang, not in Thailand.

    You surely have listed the highlights of Southeast Asia. I have seen the Buddha Park (was great) and the Pak Ou Caves (also great) in Laos. I have seen rice terraces in South China and Khmer temples in Thailand (Angkor Wat may be more impressive).

    I would add Bangkok (Grand Palace) and Luang Prabang.

    Happy trip!

    • Reply
      March 3, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      Thanks for the correction and the tips! We have loads and loads more we want to see, we’ll be there for 101 days, these are just my top ten 🙂

      I can’t wait to look into some of the ones you mentioned! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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