2016 Travel Roundup

Can you believe it?! 2017 is here! 2016 was a great year for me, but the end of the year means it’s time for my 2016 travel roundup + the opportunity to have 365 days of even more adventures! 2016 was a pretty amazing year, especially considering this was a saving year! My Year In Numbers: Miles Traveled – [30,074] – This is my best approximation of road miles, flight miles etc.  Days Traveling – [71] – While this is the first year in a couple of years that I didn’t break 100, this was also a building year. Because we’re heading to Southeast Asia in 2017! We still were able to travel much more than planned! Beds Slept In + Campsites – [19] – I stayed with friends, family, in hotels and we even slept in the back of our 4Runner (yay for SUV camping) to cut back on costs and get to take even more adventures!  Flights Taken – [16] – I took a decent amount of flights considering 99% of my travels were domestic and I much prefer road trips over flights, but I still spent plenty of time in the air this year.   States Visited [13] – I’m very happy to have been able to take so many … Continue reading 2016 Travel Roundup