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The Best Apps for Traveling Techies- Stay Connected, Even When Out in the World

The Best Apps for Traveling Techies:
Stay connected, even when out in the world

Technology has come a long way in aiding the travelers of the world. While traveling from country to country in the old days meant having to sit in a ship for months on end, today, planes take us across the globe in a matter of days.


The most important tool for travelers may actually already be in their pockets: their smart phones. Most travelers have already started using the phones for simple transactions such as keeping track of flight schedules and itineraries, but there are actually a host of other apps that can make the traveling experience all the more convenient and fulfilling at the same time. Bring out your phones and make sure to download apps that can provide the following:

  1. Emergency Numbers

There’s nothing quite as easy to mix up as phone numbers, and when you’re on the road a lot, it’s important to know the numbers you need to call in case of an emergency. Download TravelSafe Pro, an app that contains a database of the emergency phone numbers and addresses for police stations, hospitals and embassies in almost every country of the world. The app is also regularly updated, so you can travel the world knowing that help is a touch of a button away should you need it — as long as your phone still has some juice in it.

  1. Gaming and Leisure

Sure, there are millions of apps available on both Google Play and the iTunes Store that can provide you with some casual gaming, but why settle with the same old Flappy Bird or PvZ apps? Play a game that’s slowly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in the U.K. and parts of the U.S.: online bingo. And make sure you get online bingo, because the connectivity is what makes this game different from its ancient predecessor. Announcements made by CheekyBingo on Twitter showed promos for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and just about any other holiday imaginable, with prizes ranging from chocolates to free bingo cards, so online bingo is an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for the plane to board or waiting for sleep to visit you in your motel room.

  1. Travel Assistant

Don’t get caught up in all your plans. Instead of worrying about bookings and whether or not you’ll make it to your appointments in time, get an app like WorldMate. The folks who created the app also teamed up with the BlackBerry Team to create BlackBerry Travel, so you know that they know what they’re doing. To use WorldMate, all you need to do is send a copy of your flight details, hotel bookings, and the like to trips@worldmate.com, and the app generates your itinerary for you. It’s even stored on cloud storage for easy sharing and distribution to assistants, and it also regularly updates to reflect changes in flight schedules or cancellations.


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