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Wanderlust Wednesday- How this Semester in School Inspired me to Travel

I just finished my last final exam, and it’s officially Winter Break for me, and reflecting back on my semester, I had a few classes that really inspired me to learn about other cultures, and made me want to really experience them!

This semester I started taking French, again.  I took three years of it in high school but I forgot most of it, and decided that I want to pick it back up and actually learn it!  I was really excited to actually have a conversation in French with a couple on the train back from Siena.  I only could communicate for about 7 minutes without having to use awkward sign language and a mix of French and English, but it was so exciting, and I’m more motivated than ever to learn French!  Maybe sometime soon I’ll do a post in French!  Learning this, makes me want to learn a dozen other languages!

I also took an Art History of Asia class and the works of art I have seen have pushed my desire to go to India, Japan and Sri Lanka even more!  Let me share some of my favorite works of art/architecture my class looked at:


These are some of the beautiful examples from Japan, India, and Sri Lanka!

The other class I took that inspired me to travel is my Introduction to Islam class.  Islam was a religion that I knew little about, only what the media talks about, and I know better than to take what I hear as gospel, and I learned so much about the religion, the culture and Islamic art.  There were a lot of sites and more than anything I’d like to experience this culture first hand!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys are all finding inspiration to keep traveling in your everyday lives!  I’ll be back later this week with some more posts from Italy!

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