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Wild China


This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday comes from my search for something inspiring to watch on Netflix. I came across this six-part documentary series Wild China and decided to give it a go.


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I was expecting a nature documentary but this was so much more. Not only is it focused on the wild animals of china but it talks about the different indigenous cultures of China. You get to see fishermen who fish using geese (yes, seriously), about desert houses along the silk road, animals I’ve never heard of and looks at Buddhism in Tibet. [My China travels wish list is growing by the episode!] The best part is if you have Netflix you get to watch it for free! It’s so good that I was texting friends and family that love to travel telling them to watch it. Below are a couple of previews of the series.

» Beware: you will be googling prices for flights to China after 1 episode. «

What documentaries have inspired you to travel or add
locations to your list of places to visit?

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