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Asheville, NC- Food Envy

Asheville is a perfect place for two of my favorite hobbies: eating and drinking! When I travel, I love finding local eateries and watering holes; it’s such a great place to meet new friends and learn about new adventures to take!  Asheville has an amazing selection of places to choose from and I’ve sampled a few, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites so far:


Biscuit Head:

Biscuit Head is pretty much my favorite breakfast cafe OF ALL TIME!  It’s so delicious and incredibly affordable!  Biscuit Head serves up these amazingly fluffy biscuits and amazing side item options.  The best part, though, is the jam bar.  You can slather just about any type of jam or butter you can think of on your amazing biscuits!  (My favorites so far are amaretto jam, blueberry and sweet potato chai butter!) I can also rave about their delicious morning cocktails, having split their amazing raspberry-peach bellini pitcher with my dear friend Liz!

IMG_6107 IMG_5122 IMG_5124


The Market Place:

Nick and I had dinner at The Market Place, and it was AMAZING!  Nick had the pork chop with polenta and it was hands-down the best pork chop I’ve ever had!  I enjoyed the ricotta gnocchi with butternut squash and I absolutely loved every bite.  I can’t remember which cocktail I got, something with bourbon, but it was very good, as well.

IMG_5251 IMG_5252


Avenue M:

We went to Avenue M and we happened to be there on the night with wine specials!  So, Liz, Lina and I split a bottle of wine to have before/with dinner.  I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the layout was really nice as well.  This was the restaurant that I had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to eat because EVERYTHING looked so good!  I finally got it narrowed down to three options, and since Liz and Lina ordered my other two, I went with the Fresh Made Fettucini- Puttenesca.  Lina won the best dish award (Nick was automatically disqualified in my book because he ordered something fishy) with the Spicy Ginger Tofu!  It was unbelievable! Next time, Avenue M.  Next time,

IMG_6094 IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6099


World Cafe:

Liz and I had a blogging date at World Cafe, which was so tasty!  Liz got the hummus tray which was absolutely fantastic, and massive!  It was filled with all kinds of veggies and crackers and was more than enough for a whole table of people for a snack!  I had the turkey sandwich with roasted red bell peppers and pesto mayonnaise…. YUM!  

IMG_6116 IMG_6119


Izzy’s Coffee Den:

Izzy’s was actually my very first Asheville stop, ever, so it holds a special place in my heart.  I got to return to Izzy’s for a special occasion- I finally made it to one of Liz’s Fika Meet Ups!  It was great fun!  I met a lot of really interesting people, and I can’t wait to frequent this place when I move in less than four week!  I loved every sip of my delicious chai tea!

IMG_6081 IMG_6080


Wicked Weed Brewery:

This is another place I’ve loved so much that I’ve been each time I’ve gone back to Asheville.  This brewery is located in downtown Asheville, and serves up all kinds of interesting brews.  I’ve had a few different beers, but each time I’ve visited there are different selections available!  I loved their mango jalapeño beer and my favorite has been the French Toast Stout (brewed with actual slices of french toast in the barrel)!  Also, their “bites” are pretty fantastic.  Liz always gets the homemade potato chips and dip, and Lina and I love the marinated olives! So. Good.

IMG_5241 IMG_5242 IMG_5235 IMG_6124



Top of the Monk:

Top of the Monk is located above The Thirsty Monk Pub and Brewery, but is a cocktail bar serving up superb classic American cocktails!  Each cocktail is served with a key to a vintage mailbox, and in each mailbox there’s a small snack- it’s so fun!  I ordered the gin fizz and was, of course, not disappointed at all, and my little snack was an apple and cheese croissant bite!  There is a gorgeous rooftop patio, and I plan on spending many summer nights up there. 

IMG_6137 IMG_6139 ***

There are so many amazing places to eat and drink that I’ve already visited, but crazy enough, there are even more that I have yet to visit! I’ll be posting periodically more and more food envy posts on Asheville as I explore new places!

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    May 12, 2014 at 11:14 am

    The cocktail with Bourbon and something else you can’t remember sounds nice! (How many did you have that you can’t remember?!) 🙂
    Have a great week!

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      May 26, 2014 at 10:56 am

      Haha! I know it was a pumpkin drink! 😉 I figured I’d look back at the menu, but it changed!
      Hope you’re having a great week!

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