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Batu Caves – Malaysia

⋙ BATU CAVES is just a short (and cheap) train ride away from Kaula Lumpur’s city center. This is one of the most popular Hindu sites outside of India. This shrine is dedicated to the Hindu god of war. There are multiple caves and shrines in this Hindu site dedicated to multiple gods within the pantheon. These limestone caves are stunning as natural sites alone, but add the shrines, statues, colors and culture make this a top site to see in the KL area. 


The view when I stepped off the train


Hanuman Statue Leading to Ramayana Cave

⋙ RAMAYANA CAVE is to the left of the large Temple Cave and it depicts the Ramayana epic. (Rama is the 7th avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.) This cave doesn’t simply depict this epic in simple illustrations or even text, it also includes massive statues acting out this epic. It looks a bit like a disco because there are extremely brightly colored lights illuminating the art and the walls of the cave. It’s an incredible spectacle. 
IMG_1772 IMG_1778 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_9496 IMG_9453 IMG_9464 IMG_1798 IMG_1802

⋙ SRI ALARMELMANGA THAYAR SANNATHI this stunning shrine is actually one of my favorites that I visited. The sides of this shrine are all open which put so much of the natural beauty on display. Plus, the lighting, the status and the art are all so intricately beautiful that you feel truly connected. No, there wasn’t a service or anything going on to add to this experience, but just the layout and position of this temple made it an instant favorite.

IMG_1815 IMG_1818 IMG_1824 IMG_1828 IMG_1838 IMG_1841

⋙ TEMPLE CAVE AT BATU CAVES is the big site! There are shrines down at the bottom where devotees worship. We just walked past them on the way to the giant flight of stairs where we were wrapped in a sarong (be sure to bring yours or you’ll have to rent one for about a dollar) before making our way up the stairs.

IMG_1844 IMG_1848 IMG_1855

All around this temple are tons and tons of macaques. Since I had volunteered at the zoo and worked with these animals I had a healthy respect for them and had no interest in petting, posing with or feeding these monkeys. 


The entrance to Temple Cave


These beautiful statues are available for sale inside the entrance of Temple Cave. They come in all shapes and colors and were a constant temptation of mine. 


On up to the next section of the cave and the shrine
IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1874 IMG_1896 IMG_9482

⋙ Exploring Batu Caves was an incredible experience and I loved seeing all of the different shrines, statues, art, people, & colors. It was one of many reminders to me how beautiful this world is. How beautiful its people are. How beautiful culture is.

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