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Feed Your Wanderlust Craving While Pregnant

Post Contributed by Hayley Jones

Just because you have recently found out that you are expecting doesn’t mean you should cancel the vacation that you’ve been looking forward to for so long. If you were planning on scaling the heights of Everest or completing a trek across the Sahara, your plans might need to radically change. However, if you’re planning a bit of a culture vulture’s delight of a trip or you are heading away for a couple of weeks to relax, then there’s no reason why you still can’t travel. Take a look at how you can safely travel when pregnant and discover how you can still get the most out of your time away.

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Finding out that you are going to have a little bundle of joy shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing some wonders of the world before your newborn makes an appearance. You may need to adapt your usual packing regime to accommodate your pregnancy. You may have previously packed skinny jeans and denim shorts, you now need to consider your baby bump and comfort. If you’re venturing to sunnier climes, there’s nothing better than a sleeveless dress, a wrap, and some maternity linen trousers to ensure that you remain comfortable and not too hot. If you’re planning on doing some walking, ensure that you have adequate walking shoes. Think extreme comfort. Pack sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the UV rays. You don’t want to be risking heatstroke at the best of times, let alone when expecting.

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Slow Down

When pregnant, you’ll be surprised at how tiredness and fatigue can just creep up on you. By all means, head out on a hike, take a city tour and dance the night away in a local bistro or tavern. However, don’t worry about slowing down the pace of your activities. Give yourself some extra time to complete your walk, stop off at a few more drinking establishments for a non-alcoholic beverage and a rest and don’t worry about calling it a night a little earlier than you’re used to. Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from doing anything (within reason), but you should also make it a priority to listen to your body and ease up if you need to.

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Local Cuisine Take Time to Relax

There’s nothing wrong with sampling the delights of a destination when pregnant. You simply need to take the same precautions as you would back home. Steer clear of blue cheese, shellfish and packaged sandwiches. Always drink bottled water and you may potentially need to decline ice if offered in your beverages. You may find that you end up eating healthier when on holiday. If you’re really struggling to locate snacks or quick bites, pack some granola bars, trail mix and crackers for your trip. It is particularly important to continually graze little and often when pregnant particularly if you’re feeling the affliction of morning sickness.

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Be Sensible

If your other half has booked an excursion to launch themselves off a bridge and complete a bungee jump, the sensible side of you will kick in and realize that it’s not an option for you in your current position. The same goes for water skiing, deep sea diving, skydiving, abseiling and other adrenaline-inducing feats. However, other activities may be more up your street. You might be able to have a go at pilates or yoga on the beach or swimming in the hotel pool. Anything risky or remotely extreme is not an option on this particular trip. Just remember, it’s only 9 months. 

Take Time to Relax

Recharging your batteries before your little one comes along is a welcome opportunity to enjoy some alone time with your partner. Head out for some country or coastal walks, relax by the pool with a fruit juice and a good book, and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. The chances are that your partner will also be keen to ensure that you are okay at every moment on your trip. Sometimes it’s nice to allow yourself to be looked after no matter how independent you’re used to being. This may be your last trip for a little while so make it count and enjoy every moment of it.

Trying to quench the thirst of wanderlust can be tricky. However, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your travels; you simply have to make some sensible adjustments. Do your research, enjoy your flight and settle down to enjoy your final vacation before your welcoming your new little human being into your life.

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    Fabian Eichmann
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    Great thinks. Now My wife is Pregnant.Your tips is very helpful for her. After 2 week ago I read your post.and I told him to do. Than he follow your step and now she told me that was worked. Thanks for share this valuable post. I share this post on my friends.

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