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Food Envy- Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Our food experience, though still delicious, was a bit stunted. Being on a tour, our dinners were pre-ordered and we had some sort of meat with gravy and spaetzle.  Every. Single. Night.  So, this isn’t a fantastic representation of Alpine cuisine…

The Gravy/Meat/Spaetzle Combo:


Let’s get this one over with… As delicious as this combo was the first night, it got super old by the end of the trip.  Whether it was beef or turkey, brown gravy or cream gravy, or actual spaetzle or simply noodles it was tasty, but come on people, let’s think a little outside the gravy!


Soups, Soups and More Soups:


Barley soup was also served nightly.  It was tasty, though, and nice because by the time we ate dinner it was dark and cold!  I also enjoyed a creamy potato soup (bottom left) for lunch on a chilly day in Rothenburg!




You can’t go to Germany without at least sampling the beer.  I was just starting to get into beer when I went to Germany, so I tried two types and stuck to the one I enjoyed most.  I tried Hefewizens (a type of wheat beer) and Dunkles (a type of dark beer).  My mom and I both preferred the Dunkle. Prost!




Schneeballen is a sweet treat from Rothenburg that everyone kept talking up.  I wasn’t a huge fan… To me it tasted like really crunchy pie crust rolled into a ball and rolled in various toppings (like powdered sugar, chocolate, strawberry glaze and nuts).  It was really dry and didn’t have much flavor, in my opinion.  You can buy the large ones or the smaller version, like the one I’m holding.




The Nockerl is a specialty of Salzburg and it’s absolutely delicious!  It’s called a soufflé, but I think it’s more of a meringue and custard with berries underneath.  We were a little leery of it at first because it seriously jiggled! (Yes, we played with our food.)  It was quite big, so if you find yourself in Salzburg be sure to share this amazing dessert with someone!




I enjoyed my wurst in the at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich.  It was quite tasty! I had it on a roll with mustard and a beer to drink!  My mom had the wurst with gravy in the Black Forest with a cold potato salad… We liked the Bratwurst much better.


Apple Turnover:


We waited until our last day to have an applet turnover and I regretted not having one every single day.  We had lunch in a nicer restaurant in the Black Forest, so this hot turnover had an amazing warm, vanilla cream sauce and whipped cream!  It was unreal!




This cheese covered favorite was an instant favorite!  Pretzels come in many different flavors (some are even like a pretzel pizza!).  We had a traditional plain pretzel and then we were just about willing to fight over the last cheese pretzel in the cafe in Rothenburg.


Swiss Chocolate:


Swiss Chocolate.  I feel like there is no real explanation needed here.  My mom and I filled this beautiful box with tons of tasty treats.  Dark Chocolate. Milk Chocolate. Bourbon Filled. Bailey’s Filled. Strawberry Filled.  D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.


Baked Spaetzle:


This was my favorite meal on this entire trip!  This spaetzle was baked with cheese and onions.  Holy deliciousness!  It was at the same restaurant in the Black Forest, needless to say, it was my favorite eating experience on the trip!  Loved it!


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