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Here’s Why I Think All Things English Can Be Found in Cornwall

This post was contributed by Hayley Jones

I really do find England quaint and cute. That is the England we read about in novels, and the England we see in those period dramas. It’s not all about the big cities of London, Manchester or Birmingham. To really see England, you need to travel out into the countryside.

Cornwall is one of those places that is hard to get to by car, train, and plane. As the crow flies, it is only a few hundred miles away from London, but the terrain makes getting here quite tough. It is certainly the stuff road trip lovers will enjoy. Stunning views, windy country lanes and wild, rugged countryside can get you to a place like Looe.


Looe image from Flickr

Looe is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in the area. Gorgeous sandy beaches make this place a great place for all kinds of holidaymakers. Cornwall is globally renowned for its surf. Places like Looe are often full of people making their way along this incredible coastline. It’s a little port that offers that taste of England you see in the movies. The Looe hotels offer the infamous Full English breakfast or lighter options like cereal if you’re not a big pork eater.

There are some of the most beautiful walking routes outside of the Lake District to enjoy in Cornwall too. There miles and miles of cliff tops, beaches and countryside to enjoy. You can brave the wild ruggedness of Bodmin Moor too. This takes a hardy, seasoned walker to brave outside of the summer season. You can be many miles from anywhere most of the trek!


Wild horses on Bodmin Moor image from Flickr

Being such a coastal county, activities on the water are plentiful. If you don’t fancy braving the surf, then boating and diving are firm favourites here too. For beach lovers, you certainly can’t go wrong in Cornwall. Families holiday here a lot, and the English bucket-and-spade mentality is really cute. Maybe you could have a go at building a sandcastle yourself!

Cornwall is wild, and so is the wildlife. You can see dolphins and whales passing the coast at various times of the year. Inland, there are many wildlife sanctuaries and the owl haven Talons is a great day out whatever your age. The moorland is wild and barren in many places, but the plant and wildlife you do find is unlike any other places you may have encountered.

One of the best things about Cornwall is all the cute little chocolate box cottages you can find in the villages. White picket fences and thatched roofs are commonplace in many English villages in the South West. Rose gardens are also plentiful, and the National Trust houses are worth a visit to get a taste of Historic England. For a taste of England that you read in the great works of fiction, you really can’t beat them.

Cornwall and the South West of England is so picturesque and one of the few unspoilt areas you can find. These places are a world away from the vibrant cities. The air is fresh, and countryside is green and plentiful. Go see for yourself how a slower pace of life could be.

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