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Here’s Why Norway Could Be Your Gateway To Scandinavia This Year

This post was contributed by Hayley Jones

Those of you who are keen travellers, I’m sure, are always looking for something exciting, beautiful and rich in culture to explore. There are so many places in the world to visit and many you would return to time and time again. Europe, in particular, has a culture that is so vast. Each and every country offers something unique, and travelling here is exciting and stimulating.

It is essential that you visit Sweden at least once, to see why it is so popular. The countries near to Sweden offer just as many interesting tours and days out for the keen traveller, though. One of the neighbouring countries to Sweden is Norway. This Scandinavian delight has a lot of coastlines to explore as well as the exciting city of Oslo.

Oslo itself is known as the capital of Green spaces. Beautiful parks and museums make this city a firm favourite among tourists. There is a very good selection of excellent restaurants to enjoy too. For younger visitors, you can’t go wrong with a night out in Oslo. The music scene is big here, and the nightclubs and bars are vibrant.

The Norwegian Fjords are also a very popular destination. In the summer, you can enjoy kayaking in this region. To really see the Fjords, you might choose to cruise, taking in the scale of the place from the water. Holidays in Norway are a great way to see what this part of Europe has to offer.

Towns like Alesund offer an insight into Norwegian life while you are exploring the Fjords. Art Nouveau styles dominate the architecture of this quaint town. From here you can take a kayak or a tour boat to see the resident seals and puffins in the area. Take a camera to capture some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world.


Flickr provided this photo of the Norwegian Fjords

Of course, Norway can be wild and rugged as well as stunningly beautiful. To see the wilderness of Norway and experience the Northern Lights, head north. Karasjok is a small village situated in the middle of this vast terrain. It is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights, as well as experiencing the best of this snowy region.

You might want to head out in your snowshoes, or take a wild ride on a husky sled. Perhaps the adrenaline pumping moves of a snowmobile are more your thing? The terrain here is perfect for any of them. But wrap up warm!

The churches of Norway are very important to the local people. Stave churches are considered one of the most important architectural designs in the country. You can visit them as part of a tour, or stumble across them as you travel through Norway.

Whether you are seeking a wildlife experience, the Northern Lights or the Norwegian culture, Norway is a lovely place to visit. See the city, or trek the rugged wilderness. This extraordinary country really does have something to offer everyone. Norway could be your favourite European destination whatever time of year you come here.


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