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Lima, Peru

Our first experience in Lima, Peru was taking a cab late at night to our hotel in Miraflores District. We were exhausted from traveling for just about 24 hours, but still had that energy you get being in a new country. We got in the car and on that 45 minute drive we heard the soundtrack of Lima- horns and shouts. This drive was pretty intense- no car was ever in one lane, no signals were used and stopping wasn’t a thing that happened. The highlight of our drive was when our driver backed into the car behind us and had to pull over. We stared, feeling a little uneasy, as our massive driver got out of the car and the situation was diffused with a side-hug.



Our first day in Lima was only an evening to sleep before catching our flight to Cusco, but we had a couple of days before catching our flight out. We managed to have two incredibly gray, drizzly days… Our experience of Lima is probably not the greatest example of a trip to this city. We stayed in the Miraflores and walked down to the Green Coast! I wish we had had the time/energy to get to the historical center, but we stayed in our little district and just wanted to have some cozy, hangout time to catch up on journaling and do some reading. So, we walked, ate at a restaurant where we had some of the worst sangria I’ve ever had, and laughed about the Inca Trail and our experiences the first evening there.


I loved spying these cute classic VW Bugs!

The next morning we finally dragged ourselves away from the hotel at checkout time, and wandered in the general direction of the beautiful Costa Verde. We were worried when we started our walk because fog was clinging to the tree-covered cliffs and the buildings on top of them. Someone had told us to go sit in the bar of a beachside hotel to take in the coast, but we walked along the highway and onto the shore.



IMG_9195 IMG_9196

I loved this beach. Yes, it was gray and drizzly and chilly, but it was also beautiful and covered with small, smooth, different-colored stones. Small waves crashed and as we left a van of guys in their wetsuits were prepared to try to catch a ride on one.

IMG_9198 IMG_9207





We spent the rest of our last day in Lima strolling through Miraflores and we ate that this cozy restaurant called La Plazita Lima. It was incredibly delicious and so cozy. We sat in covered but outdoor seating with a heater keeping us warm. We got pizza, olives, bread, tea and I got a peach/pineapple martini to celebrate our last day in Peru!


IMG_9813 IMG_9806

We meandered back through town, sat in a cafe for a couple of hours just being content and warm before catching our ride back to the airport.


Although Lima wasn’t a highlight for either of us, it was still a unique experience. I still loved picking up green, mauve and burgundy stones from the beach and just truly enjoying reflecting on the trip with Stacey. All-in-all, Peru was a HUGE success.

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    November 4, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Did you try pisco? 🙂

    • Reply
      November 15, 2014 at 10:58 pm

      Of course! The first thing I had post-Inca Trail was a pisco sour! YUM! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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