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Mammoth Springs State Park- Arkansas

If you drive about 4 miles south of Thayer, Missouri (Grand Gulf State Park) you cross the state line, and right into Mammoth Springs Arkansas.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.  It is centered around Mammoth Spring- a spring that comes up from underground at a rate of nine million gallons per hours, and remains a constant 58 degrees.  (Alex and I actually drove by, but didn’t get out, on our way to New Orleans in November, and there was steam rising from the spring at sunrise… it was really awesome looking!)

When my dad and I arrived we got out and walked around the pools, springs and over the bridges.  However, I would advise going to the visitor’s center first because they have a detailed brochure that follows numbers and gives detailed accounts about what you’re looking at.  There’s one bridge that’s built on top of a dam that used to be used to produce electricity, and on the other side of the dam, you can go into a building that has old equipment and explains how water is made into electricity… And it’s free.  Then you walk on around to the Frisco Depot Museum.  It costs $2.75 to enter, and  it really had some interesting things about the railroad!  The man that worked there was very informative, and gave us a ton of information, and a great tour!







Mammoth Springs isn’t a state park that I would go to if you’re looking for some good hikes, but it is a great place to relax, maybe pack a picnic, and spend time with your friends or family.

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