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Metropolis, IL – The Home of Superman


No one would ever choose to be in a long distance relationship, but it does have one perk: you basically HAVE to travel to see each other!  Matt and I were on the phone one night when we realized we had a similar work schedule for New Years Eve and the following two days, so we decided on New Years Eve Eve to take a spontaneous road trip and meet in the middle – in Paducah, Kentucky. Now, you may ask, ‘What is there to do in Paducah, Kentucky?’ Not a lot, but luckily Metropolis, Illinois was only a 15 minute drive away and we got to visit the home of Superman!



Next to the Superman Museum is this massive statue of Superman! It doesn’t look that big in this photo, but it is massive!


The outside of the museum is covered in Superman emblems, comic book pictures and movie posters!


When you walk in, you actually walk into the building you’re in a massive Superman gift shop filled with shot glasses, comic books, figurines, costumes and anything else you can think of with a Superman theme! We almost missed the Museum because the entrance is behind a Superman blanket! Ha! It’s $5 admission, and you get to see all kinds of comic books, movie props, costumes, movies playing on TVs and even kryptonite! 


Christopher Reeve’s famous superman hair was actually a wig! I never would have guessed that, but here are four of them!


This is Christopher Reeve’s first Superman costume!  IMG_1575

Just some of the memorabilia 





Matt and I had so much fun exploring this random museum in the middle of nowhere! Remember, even when you’re going to a teeny tiny town, be spontaneous, find silly museums or roadside stops and make the most out of little moments! We’ve had so much fun traveling together already and we’re both super excited for some new and big adventures in the future! 


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