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Milwaukee for an Evening

When Zach and I were planning our trip to Chicago, I realized just how close Chicago is to Wisconsin- which was one of the states I hadn’t been to before. I slept the whole way from Chicago to Milwaukee (except for a little stop for lunch). We went to our host’s house, dropped off our stuff, showered and talked to Virginia for a while. Then, we hit the town before going to a Milwaukee Bucks game.

We discovered that Milwaukee has this cool little German Old Town and it looked like we stepped into the middle of Bavaria. It was so cute! We ate at a restaurant called Mader’s Restaurant. We really just wanted a little meal before the game, but turns out we picked a VERY expensive restaurant. (I wanted to go there because it looked so cute and German). We still ate light- just a salad and soup- it was good, though. They had a huge list of celebrity patrons and quotes about how much they loved their food.



We had to go into this cute little cheese shop, where I consumed as much free cheese as possible, and Zach found this adorable hat…



After that we went to the Bucks vs. Thunder game, which was a lot of fun, and the best part was that the halftime show was none other than Vanilla Ice! That’s right, THE Vanilla Ice! It was hysterical. I was cracking up the entire time!




Vanilla Ice Performing

After the game we went out with Virginia and we went to this really cool bar called Nomad World Pub. We tried some of the local brews, which wasn’t a big deal for me since I’m more of a wine girl, but it’s always cool to eat or drink locally. We didn’t really do a lot in our afternoon/evening in Milwaukee, but it was still a great time.

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