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Road Trip Playlist

Music is a form of art that I have this really intense connection with. As a writer, I have always felt joined to artists as I listen to their lyrics and tie my own experiences to them. When I hear a song I’m inspired by the words and even more that, I relate a song to a very specific place and time in my life. So, I compiled a collection of songs on Spotify that either inspire me to pack up and drive, or that when I listen to them I am transported back to a specific time, place or moment that I was filled with that overwhelming sense of wanderlust. If you’re taking a road trip, check out the songs that fill me with the bohemian, nomadic spirit.

For this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday I wanted to share my Road Trip Playlist.

Please, share songs that have inspired you to hit the road, and if you want to hear the stories behind the songs, let me know! 🙂

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