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Skeppsgården, Sweden- The Camp

Skeppsgården was more than just a refuge for relaxation, it was an opportunity to experience a group camp in a simpler manner. There was relaxation, yes, but there was also food, fika, a market, campfires, tipspromenad and more.


Our room was super cozy at the top of this beautiful yellow building.  We could see the ocean from the window and we looked down on the eating area.


Photo by Liz IMG_7220


My first night there, after setting our room up and eating dinner, we went down to campfire.  Campfires were an experience in themselves.  I sat with Liz and Lina and as a book of songs was being passed around, and just as I started to get settled in, looking through a book of songs that I didn’t understand much of anything out of, the entire group started chanting… No lie. Chanting.  Not singing a camp-fire-song, but a chant, in a foreign language, with separate parts, followed by singing.  It was so interesting that first night… But by the end of the week, I was chanting a few words myself.  Many campfire songs came after that, and I knew all of the words to one by the forth campfire.  Campfires also included games and, of course, hot dogs!


Photo by Lina




We spent a lot of time in the eating area.  There was breakfast, fika, lunch, fika and dinner…  A lot of socialization happened there, and Lina’s family members were so sweet to me! Meals and fikas were prepared by the campers.  We all took turns (two or three times), including me! They were really interesting experiences. My first two, I had either Liz or Lina with me, but the third and most difficult meal, I was without those two. It was pretty stressful, but with the help of a new friend, we made a pretty amazingly delicious meal!

In the middle of the week, there was this adorable little market and all the money raise is given back to the camp.  There were games, postcards and other little trinkets for sale between 1-4 krona, but it was incredibly laid-back and simple. We had so much fun playing little games, laughing together and buying wire flowers.









Photo by Liz



Photo by Liz

It was too much fun!

Tipspromenad is a fun little tradition where you walk through the woods and there are questions pinned to trees. You bring a piece of paper with you and write down your answers. Then, at the campfire they give you the answers and then you get a piece of candy based on the number of correct answers you got.  That’s right, one piece of candy, and it’s totally worth competing for. Not to mention, that it’s cool to walk through the woods.





The best part about spending time here was meeting new friends!  I got to spend a lot of time with my dear friends Liz and Lina and I added many more new friends. Lovisa and Emily came back to the states with us for a couple of weeks, but it was so cool to get to know them here!






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