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The Jersey Shore

I am proud to admit that I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I have seen commercials and magazine covers with all the drama, and thought, good god, why would anyone want to go there? However, we went, and it was so much fun! There were some people who had been tanning thirty-too-many times, had entirely too much make-up on, and too little clothing, but that wasn’t everyone.

Zach, Olivia and I made our way down, and Liv took us through town so we could see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. It was crazy to see rows of houses that were perfectly fine, and then rows with major damage or nothing left…


An example of the destruction Down the Shore- this is what’s left of a house

While there was a lot of destruction this is a community that has really joined together and they’re working hard to rebuild! We went to Seaside Park and stopped in to visit with Zach’s cousin who owns the Luna-Mar Motel. He was telling us that people have been reluctant to come to Seaside Park (and the shore in general). The Boardwalk at Seaside Park was almost completely wiped-out by the storm, and he thinks that people are assuming that the area was completely wiped out. However, I can tell you the boardwalk is being rebuilt, and it already has a lot of shops, games and restaurants open.



Look at those shops and restaurants!!!


Liv and I HAD to have massive ice cream cones covered in sprinkles

We didn’t pick an especially beautiful day to go to the shore. Even though it was sunny in Nutley, it was a bit rainy on the shore. We did lay out for a little over an hour when it stopped raining and we had a great time!


Zach was protecting his book from the drizzle


The shore was beautiful, but that water was COLD!

For anyone who is unsure if the Jersey Shore is worth visiting, in my opinion, it is! I had a blast here, and this community could use people visiting- so like their beach badges say- ‘Seaside Strong’! I hope that people are encouraged to visit because they’re working hard to make it a place that people love to visit!

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