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Tybee Island, Georgia- Tybee Island Light Station and More


While in Tybee Island I decided to do the whole Tybee Island history tour starting with the History Museum.  However, I did this tour a bit backwards because I had parked my car somewhere different.  After the museum, I ate my lunch and then went to this beautiful yellow house that they are in the process of restoring.  It was essentially bare inside, but the house itself was really beautiful and is apparently the style of many traditional houses on Tybee Island.  This style of homes has a raised floor with an area underneath the house large enough to walk through.  This wasn’t an especially exciting stop, but interesting to see what their future plans are for this home in reference to the tour.


They were working on painting the lighthouse while I was there, so I was unfortunately unable to climb the 178 steps to the top of this beauty, but I still enjoyed it from below.  I watched a video in one of the buildings on the grounds about the history of Tybee’s Light Station and the last family that was in charge of keeping it up.

After the video, I made my last stop inside the Head Light Keeper’s Cottage which had been restored, and a lot of the furniture was original and given to the museum by the last family who lived there!  So cool!  Walking in each room was like taking a step back in time:


Fun artifacts collected on the grounds



The kitchen was easily my favorite of the rooms




I wish I had been able to look out on the island from atop the lighthouse, but the visit to the other parts made it worth the money.  However, I’m sure that the view would have made it even better!

Oh, and of course I have to share a couple of beach pictures:



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