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Vasa Museum – Stockholm, Sweden

I have a friend from college that visited the Vasa Museum a few years ago, and I remember staring at the photos he took thinking, ‘When I go to Sweden, I’m going here…’  Well, I made it to Sweden, and I made it to see the Vasa! The Vasamuseet is located on an island in Stockholm (Djurgården) along with many of their popular museums.  Since my time in Stockholm only allowed me time for one visit, it only made since to visit the Vasa.


The Vasa Museum (admission about $19) houses a massive, beautiful 17th century Swedish warship (the Vasa) that is amazingly 98% original.  You read that right.  The ship was amazingly preserved in the Baltic for 334 years when it was excavated in 1961, and it as been housed in this museum since 1988.  With 6 different levels, all of which offer a different view of the ship, you can truly grasp the size and beauty of this boat.  The Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 taking with it at least 30 people.  This museum, aside from The Vasa itself, also has a lot of information about Swedish maritime history and articles found aboard The Vasa.  The articles include weapons, pieces of nets, weights and skeletons.  The museum is really comprehensive covering history, osteology, archaeology and more in one place!  It’s a museum that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Stockholm!

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    Stockholm, Sweden | For the Love of Wanderlust
    September 7, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    […] We walked from Central Station alongside the water to the island Djurgården, an islands with lots of museums on it, including the museum I visited, The Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet).  I spend a couple of hours in the Vasa exploring the 6 levels of this massive museum- read more about this museum here. […]

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