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Wandering in Beautiful Ubud, Bali + Beyond

Ubud, Bali [and its surrounding areas] is one of my very favorite places on this planet so far. There is something so magical about the way that the Balinese culture is displayed here through the temples & Hindu sculptures everywhere you look, the architecture, the creature comforts and the lush natural beauty all mix together.

Let’s start with our homestay… Indaprastha Homestay. Here for only about $19 total ($9.50 a piece) we had our own room in this super cozy oasis with the sweetest hosts who helped us with lots of information about the area AND breakfast is included, delivered right to our porch.


This was our home for our stay in Ubud.


Look at this paradise? I loved sitting on the porch and strolling around the grounds.


The canal that brought water through town & to rice terraces.


My cup of Balinese coffee delivered to my porch… This was the life.


I loved this mural painted on the streets of Ubud. The graphic design over a monkey that looked a bit like Junior, all inside a lotus.


Just a view of the streets of Ubud. I loved the magical glow of the lights on the irrigation canals and the orange & white buildings. 

Sari Organik is actually located a bit outside of Ubud (very close to Tirta Empul) but is close enough that it’s a perfect location for lunch. Stacey and I followed our server to our own personal hut through a garden. We had spectacular views of the neighboring farms and enjoyed some amazing food. IMG_2647 IMG_2650

The lotuses right next to our hut


This is the place where I became OBSESSED with lime juice. I’m pretty sure that this was the only thing I drank in Bali (with the exception of some alcohol).

IMG_2655 (1) We split the noodles with chicken which came with a sauce & this little peanut cake and an order of vegetarian spring rolls. It was so delicious!

IMG_2656 IMG_2658

This was the view from our hut.

Goa Gajah also known as Elephant Cave Temple is 9th century temple located near Ubud. Its main temple is built in a cave with a detailed facade carved with Balinese demons. Inside there’s a statue of Ganesh and Linga (the Balinese representations of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva that we learned about on our Rice Terrace Trek). Along with this main temple there are fountains similar to those at Tirta Empulwaterfalls, tropical flowers and other smaller shrines. (A huge “thank you” goes to our driver that day, who took us here even though we only paid for three stops because he said it couldn’t be missed.) 


This sculpture welcomes you at the gate. Be sure to stop and get your fabric belt if you forgot your sarong.


The view as you walk down into the temple complex


Stack after stack of meditation stones


The fountains outside of the main cave temple


The main cave was crowded so we explored the rest of the area in hopes that the crowds would clear out on the way out


This bridge goes over the small river that cuts through



Have I said yet that Bali is paradise?

A smaller shrine tucked up on a hill

I loved these funny faces carved into stones along the paths

IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2796 IMG_2799

This is that intricate facade to the cave, and waiting paid off as we were the only ones in the cave when we went in.


Ganesh & offerings left by devotees


Linge: Brahma – the creator, Visnu – the supreme god & Shiva – the destroyer

Agung Rai Museum of Art is the perfect place to do if you’re wanting to learn more about Balinese history and art. Although, we were there after the cultural shows were finished for the day (due to lack of planning) but be sure to check the schedules on their site. There are many beautiful works of art and it’s connected to a resort that you can walk through that is beautiful. There are even rice terraces attached, although not like the ones you see when you get outside of town.

IMG_2827 IMG_2829

The grounds of this museum are a work of art in themselves


Orchids and other tropical plants are growing all along the grounds of this museum

IMG_2834 IMG_2835

The Banyan Tree by W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp


Golden Rice by Made Kedol the lifelike texture was made from layering strips of paint on top of each other [see below].

IMG_2840 IMG_2848 IMG_2860


Elephant by I Wayan Pendet 

IMG_2865 IMG_2869 The resort area looks like an incredible place to stay, but probably a lot more than our own $19 oasis.

IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2874 IMG_2880 IMG_2882 IMG_2885 IMG_2886

The Streets of Ubud are incredible in themselves. Temples are all over along with shrines to deities. The gates to homes are works of art and don’t include doors which our trekking guides told us is because they don’t want to shut people out of their homes.
IMG_2819 IMG_2902

An example of a typical Balinese gate to their home complexes.


A beautiful statue of Ganesh


Artwork over one of the gates

A private temple

IMG_2915 IMG_2918

Ubud and it’s surrounding areas is filled with opportunities to eat amazing food, take yoga classes, get in touch with your spirituality, visit Hindu temples, meditate, hike, sip coffee and relax. I cannot wait to get back there.

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