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Wanderlust Wednesday- How to Save Money While Traveling

Sorry about my absense the past 4 Wednesdays, but I have been swamped with school and work, but now I’m ready to jump back in with 4 Wanderlust Wednesdays today!

Earlier this year I did a post on how to save money in your everyday life to set back for traveling, but I decided to share a post on how I save money while  I’m traveling, so here are my top 7 tips on saving money while traveling.

  1. Camp or sleep in your car– you can, and a lot of people do, spend a fortune on accommodation, but it’s free to sleep in your car, and a tent will more than may for itself after a few nights.  Plus, most of the time it’s more fun to camp!
  2. If camping or car-sleeping isn’t quite your thing, travel to places you have friends or family!  I have done this quite a few times: Florence, Los Angeles, Arkansas and Nasvhille- I’m  strategically placing friends and family around the world 😉
  3. Use coupons, still, when you’re on the road.   Whether it’s on gas, food or entertainment it’s money that when you save you can spend on more travel!
  4. Don’t spend all of your money eating out- pack a cooler and some snacks before you hit the road!  I love to be able to prepare meals for myself for about 2 dollars a piece!
  5. Use airline miles if you’re flying.  Not using them is just silly- take advantage of any offers you can get!
  6. Go outside!  Visit State or National Parks for some cheap travel!  Take  hikes, go biking and spend some quality time with your friends or family!  It’s great exercise and you get to take in the amazing natural wonders of the world!
  7. Ask for discounts– the worst they can do is say no.  I flash my student ID around everywhere I go.

These are my seven tips for budget travel!   I would love to hear tips from you guys, so I can save even more while traveling!

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    Anita Mac
    May 16, 2012 at 8:06 am

    We often eat out of the grocery store. Our preference is to rent a small villa when travelling – that way we have a fridge and kitchen. We usually eat lunch out while exploring and have the occasional dinner, but rarely do we feel the need for breakfast out – especially since my partner really prefers to have just coffee and bread! Saves plenty of money and lets us splurge on desserts or something special.

    • Reply
      May 16, 2012 at 11:34 am

      That sounds like a great plan! I like the idea of having a kitchen to cook meals. I do like to eat at little hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and eat local cuisine, but eating every meal out is so much money! I’m glad you agree that you can use the money you save for something special.

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