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Wanderlust Wednesday- Movies That Inspire Travel Part 7 (French Edition)

Bonjour! I’m back this Wednesday with a post on movies that inspire travel. I’m back in French classes, and I have this crazy urge to go back to France, so all of these movies are set in France.

Amelie (2001)


Amelie is a quirky, French romantic comedy, filmed almost completely in Paris. It’s a story of an innocent girl who decides she wants to help people, and while doing this she finds the love of her life. It’s a great film has some great view of Paris!

Before Sunset (2004)

Before Sunset

Before Sunset is the sequel to 1995’s Before Sunrise. It’s about a guy and a girl who are reunited for a day in Paris, after falling in love with one another 9 years before. It’s a sweet tale of love passing you by and getting a second chance at it. I would recommend watching Before Sunrise first, which is also beautiful, and it’s set in Vienna.

Chocolat (2000)


Although Chocolat features the towns of Beynac, Flaigry-sur-Ozerain and Thionville in France, it was also filmed in Middlesex and Salisbury, England. However, it still makes me want to go to France every time I watch it. It’s about a mysterious woman and her daughter who come to this small village and open a chocolate shop. She serves chocolates that have special powers, brings controversial ideas, empowers women in the village and gets into all kinds of other trouble. Definitely worth a watch!

Paris, Je T’aime (2006)


Paris, Je T’aime is basically a collection of short stories about love and lust and all of them are set in Paris. Each short film is directed by someone different and include Wes Craven, the Cohen brothers, and many others. It’s a sweet collection and it’s a great commentary on the many different forms in which love appears.

There are some other great films that show off France’s beauty and culture that I’ve already posted about including Midnight in Paris, Sabrina, A Good Year, Funny Face, and the Bourne series.

I hope you guys are all as tempted to buy a plane ticket to France as I am after watching these. What movies have you guys watched that made you want to go France?

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    January 23, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Amelie and Chocolat are definitely in my top ten!! Going to have to watch the other two!

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