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Washington D.C. – The Monuments and Memorials

I’m very excited that I finally got to visit my nation’s capital!  D.C. is a place that you could spend all kinds of time, but we only had a day, but we definitely made it a FULL day!  We stayed in Virginia the night before, loaded our stuff up and then rode the train into D.C.  It was a really cheap train, and it saved us from dealing with the traffic on the way out of the city around rush hour.  Again, other than transportation and food, everything we did in D.C. was absolutely FREE!

The first thing we did in D.C. was run by the Holocaust Museum to get our tickets.  After we got our tickets we decided to visit the monuments and memorials (obviously not all of them in one day, but we hit a lot of them).


The Washington Monument


The World War Two Memorial


The Missouri Column in the WW2 Memorial


My handsome boyfriend walking along the reflection pool with the Lincoln Memorial


In front of the Lincoln Memorial


Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial


Looking out from the Lincoln Memorial over the reflection pool and Washington Monument


Korean War Memorial


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial


Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial- probably my favorite of the monuments.  It is really relevant to today’s problems


More of the FDR Memorial


More of the FDR Memorial


The Jefferson Memorial


Inside the Jefferson Memorial 


The Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial

Have you been to DC?  What were your favorite Monuments or Memorials?

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