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⋘ Southeast Asia Planning Coffee Date ⋙

When Stacey came to Asheville last month, we planned on getting a lot of planning done on our Asia adventure… However, that did not happen. Now that Stacey and I are at least back in the same state, it’s so much easier to get together to work on things. So, last Monday, Stacey and I met in the middle and went to The Giddy Goat Coffeehouse in Rolla, Missouri to very loosely plan the first half of our trip, and we were amazingly productive!

Stacey did a really awesome job doing pre-meetup preparations! She bought a Southeast Asia Travel Guide and a little Languages of Southeast Asia book! Good job, Stacey! We worked really well as a team that day picking sites and cities, looking at border-crossings and loving the planning process. Check out what we got accomplished:

» Called the Vietnamese Embassy to clear up all of our visa questions, which resulted in me getting yelled at for not being clear. Ha!

» We bought a ticket from Vietnam to Cambodia for 1,112,000 Vietnamese dong. * To be honest, that number terrified me at first! *

» Got our first hostel in Cambodia booked! This girl will be spending her 25th birthday at Angkor Wat! Talk about a DREAM COME TRUE!

» We mapped out a vague route through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

» Started looking into visiting Burma, and realized how much that truly entails, so it opened our eyes to the fact that we have a lot more to look at for that.

» We figured out the dates that we wanted to volunteer at a zoo in Thailand and filled out our applications.

Seeing Stacey is always a great time. Planning out our big adventure through Southeast Asia is an amazing time! We truly work so well together and I’m looking forward to another trip planning day for the second half of the trip, and even more for this amazing adventure of a lifetime!  «Only 44 days» until we depart!

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