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Eureka Springs, Arkansas Getaway

Earlier this week, Matt took me on a little mid-week getaway to the beautifully, cozy Eureka Springs, Arkansas for an early birthday present. We stopped at Gailey’s (one of my favorite restaurants) in Springfield and had breakfast before heading south to Arkansas. TableRock

We passed Table Rock Lake along the way- a favorite family spot when I was a little girl.


Matt saw a sign for the Wanderlust RV Park. So, of course we had to check it out, and Matt took some really fun photos of me with the Wanderlust sign! Too much fun!

After that fun little photo shoot, we made it to Eureka Springs and set off exploring right away. We drove up to the top of the town which has The Crescent Hotel perched at the top along with St. Elizabeth’s Church. The outside of this church really is the highlight, the lobby has a beautiful chandelier, but the chapel itself isn’t really that beautiful. 

IMG_2652 IMG_2750 IMG_2665 IMG_2673 IMG_2797

The Crescent Hotel is one of America’s most haunted hotels, therefore I’m afraid to stay there. However, I wanted to show Matt this beautiful hotel that was built in 1886. We roamed through the halls, warmed our hands in front of the fireplace, looked out over the top patio and took photos of this beautiful building.

IMG_2688 IMG_2691 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2715 IMG_2717

After walking around the Crescent, we took our time going back down the hill into the downtown area where we stayed.

IMG_2724 IMG_2734

Our room was in the Basin Park Hotel at the heart of downtown, which was built in 1905. Matt booked us the Balcony/Jacuzzi Honeymoon Suite. It was so nice! I loved our room and the beautiful view of Basin Park and the old, brick buildings along the street. It was such a cozy room! 

We went up to their restaurant for some appetizers and a drink for a late lunch after we checked in the first night. IMG_2736 basin IMG_2738 IMG_2751 IMG_2849 IMG_2763 IMG_2798

We went to Chelsea’s, which was recommended by the man working the lobby at our hotel, and he sent us to the right place. We ordered beer and appetizers for dinner – getting the spinach dip and garlic knots – they were very reasonably priced and even more delicious. Chelseas

We spent the whole next day and following morning walking through the streets, looking at old buildings, victorian houses and warming up in tiny shops. We started both days at this unbelievably cozy coffee shop owned by a cute, older hippie couple. I enjoyed a honey-vanilla chai the first day and a toasted-marshmellow hot cocoa the second day – they were seriously so tasty! Then Matt and I also split smoothies for our breakfast, that counts as a healthy meal, right?!  DSC_0973

above and next two photos are by Matt

DSC_0987 DSC_0993 IMG_2814 IMG_2816 IMG_2817 IMG_2818 IMG_2852 IMG_2857

We drove to the opposite side of Eureka Springs the second afternoon to this overlook. That’s the Crescent Hotel right above Matt.

IMG_2861 IMG_2865 IMG_2896 IMG_2911

This was just the perfect three days and two nights of relaxation and exploration. Matt clearly knows me so well – knowing that I would need a little bit of down time before going into frantic Asia-mode and that getaways are always an amazing gift for me. 

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    March 2, 2015 at 6:30 pm

    Looks like it was a wonderful weekend 🙂

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      March 3, 2015 at 2:01 pm

      It really was! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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