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P.S. We’re Going to Southeast Asia!

I know that there have been a plethora of posts about Stacey and me going to Southeast Asia, about planning this trip and anxious posts of things I want to see and do, but guess what?! The adventure starts today!


The last two weeks I did all kinds of pre-trip things. I bought any last minute things I had forgotten (actually, more like put-off), I packed & repacked my backpack, and I wrote some Somewhere Saturdays & Wanderlust Wednesdays in advance for the trip so I could have them ready to upload.


I spent a lot of time in different cafes, sipping chai teas and yummy lattes. But even more than that, I found inspiration over and over again. I’m grateful for having the time to truly reflect and write.


Saturday I brought out a million articles of clothing and picked through what I wanted, and I made Matt help me pick the ones I couldn’t decide between, and ended up with 15 tops (including camisoles), 4 pairs of shorts in different sizes, a pair of cotton pants, a dress, two swims and a maxi skirt. That’s not too bad. I’m sure when I do it again, I will have significantly less clothing in my pack.

Packing Clothes

As far as electronics go, I’m bringing my MacBook Pro – to hopefully get some writing done, my GoPro Hero 3, and my Canon T1i – yes, it’s an older model, but it still takes amazing photos.

packing electronics


Along with the above things, I also have first aid items, toiletries, a small microfiber towel, granola bars, and other various things. However, I feel like I’ve done a decent job for my first backpacking trip. I fit it all in with plenty of room to spare and totaling only 21.8 pounds. Woo!



Now, it’s just hours & hours of flights and layovers along with the Pacific Ocean separating us from our amazing adventure in Southeast Asia!

I will not be doing daily updates on here, but I will try to update about once a week and do my serious writing when I get home – I want to be as in the moment and experience as much as possible. However, I will be updating my Instagram (@fortheloveofwanderlust and both of us are using the hashtag #PSAsia to see Stacey’s photos too) or on my blog’s Facebook Page (link here). Feel free to follow along and say hey if you’re a new follower on there!

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