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My Tips For the Perfect Day Trip


Let’s face it, we can’t always pack our bags and take off for weeks at a time. Trips like that can take time to plan and save money. While I love being able to get away for as long as I can, that doesn’t mean that day trips aren’t amazing as well! There is something special about getting away, even if only for a day.

Not used to taking day trips? Here are my tips for having a perfect day trip:

⋙ Make a Loose Plan:

When I make plans for a day trip, I figure out where I want to go and that’s about as extensive as my plans get. I just want to get in the car and start the adventure.

⋙ Don’t Be Afraid to Stray from the Plan:

Be open to making extra stops along the way. Roadside signs for state parks, waterfalls, tiny local restaurants and kitschy stops just beg me to stop. Impromptu stops are part of the fun of day trips. Even if your destination changes it’s all okay. It’s all about feeling free and exploring.

⋙ Have the Perfect Playlist Ready:

For me, especially if I’m going solo, I need to have the perfect soundtrack to my travels. I have a few already made up to choose from with themes, but I LOVE to make new ones!

⋙ Pack a Lunch and/or Some Snacks:

I don’t know about you, but when I’m seeking an adventure, I love to have my bag of road trip snacks (wheat thins, carrots, Peachie-O’s, chips, or grapes). I also like to pack lunches to cut down on day trip costs! However, sometimes I like to get lunch out if I find a little funky diner or restaurant and that’s just part of the adventure… But I still love those snacks! 😉

⋙ Remember A Day Doesn’t Limit You to 1-2 hours Away:

I think a lot of times people see that a destination is 4 or 5 hours and 10 hours in a day doesn’t seem attainable. But here’s the deal, there are 24 hours in a day and 10 hours in a car really isn’t all that bad to see something you’ve been dying to see! Plus, it allows for more micro-adventures to happen along the way. Do yourself a favor and don’t limit yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Alone:

I know a lot of people don’t like to do things by themselves, but I have found that any trip (big or small) with myself are some of my favorites. It’s really liberating to be on your own and I love being able to process things and reflect on my experience and I always come back feeling extremely refreshed and independent.

⋙ Take Photos:

I’ve been a photo-taker while traveling since I was 8-years-old, and after 17 years of that fun, I still love it! Whether it’s silly selfies, photos of delicious food or gorgeous landscapes remember that all these moments & memories are worth documenting!


This one is most important! Your one-day-adventure should absolutely be fun! Don’t let hiccups like rain or distance get you down! Enjoy and never stop exploring!

I hope that you guys take lots of adventures and that you enjoy & make the most of your days! Cheers!

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