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National Museum – Manila, The Philippines

Before taking our trip to Cebu our driver made a stop at the National Museum (in Manila). The national museum is made up of two portions and is FREE. The first portion is the natural and cultural history of the Philippines & the other building is the art section along with some of the history of when the the Philippines belonged to the United States after defeating Spain in the Spanish-American War. Here’s a look into some of the interesting things that we saw inside.

The Natural/Cultural History portion of the National



The Anchor from the San Diego Shipwreck

IMG_0234 IMG_0239

A helmet found on the San Diego shipwreck


IMG_0244 IMG_0247

Pressed plants from the Philippines

IMG_0249 IMG_0253

Jars found on the San Diego Shipwreck 

IMG_0256 IMG_0262

A church inside the natural history building of the National Museum

IMG_0267 IMG_0270

These heads are from the tops of jars representing the people whose remains were held inside of them. They were discovered in Ayub Cave in 1991 and brought to the Museum of Natural History.

IMG_0271 IMG_0273

These jars date from 5 B.C.E. to 370 C.E. and have rarely been found in other sites Southeast Asian or Filipino sites.

IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0280

the next section of the museum was dedicated to textiles and clothing of indigenous peoples and they’re very beautiful.

IMG_0281 IMG_0292 IMG_0293 IMG_0295

I loved this representation of the Tagalog Alphabet

A photo of traditional tattoo practices.

The Art portion of the National Museum:



Liberty Granting Independence to Filipinos by Guillermo E. Tolentino


A Tragic Lesson (The fall of Bataan) by Gene Cabrera


A Plea for Freedom from Fear by Fermin Gomez


Bayanihan by Vincent Silva Manansala IMG_0329

Birds in Flight by Vincent Silva Manansala

Man and Rooster by Vincent Silva Manansala


One of the Vincent Silva Manansala Galleries

Manok by Vinvent Silva Manansala


A close up


Another view of the Vincent Silva Manansala Gallery

Where the Filipino Senate and Congress would meet when they were a part of the U.S. IMG_0344

The fact that they were once part of the U.S. is something neither Stacey or I knew.

IMG_0346 IMG_0353

Studies of San Sebastian by Romulo Galicano


Memorabilia of Emilio Aguilar Cruz


Sarimanok by Abdulmari Asia Imao

This is a very small portion of the interesting things that we saw in the National Museum. I would very highly recommend visiting, even if it was a museum that had a small entrance fee, luckily for all backpackers / travelers this museum is FREE. Be sure to take advantage of a great site.

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