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Plane Window Meditations


Halfway through our flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, (that’s 7 hours in for those who are wondering), I was doing my periodic check out the window, but the view I saw was something special, something that moved me…

In my ignorance I sort-of figured that we would be flying directly over the Pacific Ocean, but instead we flew north from California, following the land from California to Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska. When I looked out the window I realized that we had crossed over into Russia and I was literally looking at Siberia.


I was immediately glued to the window, snapping photos and grinning, giddy like a child, showing them to Stacey. As I continued to peer out I was deeply moved by a realization: This was wild. I don’t mean crazy, I mean wild. I was looking at massive peaks covered in snow, at valleys cut by now-frozen rivers, and I was moved. I felt all at once connected to the mountains and removed from everything. I had never seen a place so massive and so sparse. At moments it was hard to discern what was cloud and what was mountain, and I think that made it all the more romantic to me, as I sailed high above them.


I learned that even on a 14-hour flight that I’d been dreading, there are still opportunities to experience things. There are beautiful moments to share. There are memories to be made. And that there is no shortage of instances in which this beautiful world of mine amazes me.

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