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Roam Far

Roam far, grasp life and conquer it, learn much and live!


Thoreau hit the nail on the head. This whole year has been a year of exploration for me. I have been on the road over 100 days so far this year, I moved to a new state, I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’m constantly looking for a new adventure. I have been toying with different ideas, trying to figure out my next step… Teach English abroad? Stay in Asheville and explore the mountains? Buy a camper and drive all over North and South America? I have all of these ideas and dreams, but they all pull me in different directions- the one thing that ties them all together this theme that Thoreau put so beautifully. I want to roam far, I want to grasp life and live the way I want to live, and I want to always, always, always be learning! 




I’m so happy to be where I am within myself. Do I have it all figured out? Hell, no. I don’t have anything figured out! But even in these unclear moments I feel better than I ever have, and more sure that I don’t want to ever stop roaming. My sense of wanderlust stays. My urge to move persists. So, I guess I’ll listen to my heart.





So, one more time, in case it didn’t sink in at the beginning…

“Roam far, grasp life and conquer it, learn much and live.”

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