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You Know You’re Addicted to Travel When…

You know you’re addicted to travel when….


… You can’t stop thinking about where to go next.


There’s never a moment when I don’t have at least some idea of where I’m going next. I think the planning part of traveling can be almost as much fun as hitting the road, so why wouldn’t it constantly be on my mind?


… You pick up pennies off the ground to put in your travel fund.


 Every penny counts when it comes to saving for something you love. I make it a point to put back part of every paycheck specifically for traveling and I save change in these beautiful vintage tins.


… Your Christmas List is made up of travel novels, national park passes, guide books, hiking boots and other things that enable your addiction.


Every year my Christmas list is made up of something I need for an upcoming trip or inspires travel. Whether it’s a dictionary, a microfiber towel (*hint* Mom ha!), a lonely planet guidebook or a gas card to help fund a road trip, every little bit helps out, right?


… You get restless (not to mention a little cranky) when you’ve been in one place too long.

I'd Rather Be Traveling- for the love of wanderlust

I can admit it, I get flat-out cranky if I stay in one place too long. Sometimes a day or weekend trip will appease me for a bit, but I always know a bigger adventure is around the corner because this soul was made to wander.


… There’s no other feeling like starting a new adventure.


Greatest. Feeling. Ever. I can’t sleep before an upcoming trip because my mind is racing with possibilities of what’s to come! My heart races every time I grab my car keys and an atlas, or get on a flight because that means magic is about to happen.


… Your stories, more often than not, start with ‘When I was in…’.

When I was in... For the love of wanderlust

I can feel my family and friends roll their eyes when I open my mouth and the words “When I was in…” come out! But, hey, the best gelato I ever had was in Italy, when I was in Peru I did try guinea pig, and when I was in Alaska I did see a dozen grizzly bears. Sorry, but I love my life.


… You can have a bag packed and be ready for an adventure in a matter of minutes.


I tend to be a last minute packer, but I’m still a damn good packer! (If you give me too much time I throw in a bunch of stuff I don’t need simply because I have room). 


… You find yourself talking about where you’re going next even when you’re on a trip at the moment.


This was a conversation that happened everyday in Peru with Stacey. (Although, she wanted to talk about Asia too.) My mind is constantly racing with thoughts of where I’m going next, no matter where I am!


… You go to buy something and automatically think I could buy a shirt for $20, or I could spend a day in Thailand, and leave the store empty-handed.


 This is something I’m constantly working on! Lately, the days in Thailand or a train ticket to Norway have been winning, but I have materialistic days too. I just have to remind myself to collect moments.


… You don’t even have a bucket list anymore, you just want to see it all.


I had a bucket list until I was about 17, then I realized it wasn’t ever going to get completely checked off because it kept growing and I’ve decided a world atlas is my bucket list.


… You own approximately 3,872 things that have a map on it.


 If I have a choice between a scarf with a map on it and a scarf without a map on it- you better believe the map option wins EVERY SINGLE TIME. My friends and family know if it has a map, I’ll love it.


… People always send you postcards because they know you’ll appreciate them and want to hear all about their adventures.


I absolutely LOVE hearing about other people’s travels, so getting postcards describing adventures is the best souvenir I could ever receive from anyone! Plus, hearing their enthusiasm always inspires me to pull out my maps!


… You realize a day trip is still an adventure.


Traveling can be as big or little as you want it to be. I think taking a day to hike a state over is awesome and makes me love life!


… When a friend wants to take a road trip and you’re the first person they call.

Let's Take a Road Trip- for the love of wanderlust

Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing an open road in front of me, and all of my friends and family members know that. When someone wants to go somewhere they hit me up!


… You have amazing friends all over the world because that’s what happens when you travel!


This is just a small, small, small selection of a few of my friends placed all over the world. Traveling connects you to people in a way you can’t get anywhere else. Nothing says friendship like teaching someone to use a squat toilet or discovering a chocolate festival together in Bologna, Italy.


… Staring at a map cures any bad mood.

IMG_9986 - fortheloveofwanderlust

 The idea of getting away can fix any problem in my life. I know I just have to make this much money or wait this many days and then there’s where I’ll be. 


… You have a box filled with currencies from all over the world.


No matter how hard you try to get rid of those small bills or coins, they still seem to pile up in a box in your room. I don’t even try to get rid of them anymore; I’m just saving them until next time!


… You’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no 12-step program for this addiction, and couldn’t be happier about that.

Keep Exploring for the love of wanderlust

There is no other thing I would rather do with my life, at this point, than travel, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, gaining new skills, learning new lessons and sharing new experiences. 


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