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Rothenburg, Germany: Part 2

The next day in Rothenburg one of my must-sees was visiting this beautiful pink church that I had spotted the night before.  Not only was I intrigued by the pink color, but I also loved the windows (especially the ones in the roof that look like eyes).

IMG_9376 IMG_9458

Upon entering St. John’s Church, I was a little surprised.  This wasn’t what I was expecting the interior of this church to look like.


There was a lot less color, and the crucifix is unlike any other I’ve seen (which I loving dubbed “hashtag resurrection”).  I was very interested to learn that this was created to show that the story didn’t end at the cross, but that it overcame death.  This was very different than most Catholic churches.  IMG_9474

These tombs were interesting, but again, not what I was expecting from this church. IMG_9477


This organ was really beautiful and I think it looks really nice against the plain, stone material.


In 1631, according to a local legend, Count Tilly was planning to invade Rothenburg, but decided to make him an offer… If he could drink an entire gallon of wine in one drink, the town would be spared. Well, Mayor Nusch was up for the challenge, and drank that entire gallon of wine in one gulp in this gorgeous square!

IMG_9532 IMG_9392 This was painted on the door of the walkway under the city hall, and I think it beautifully captured the name Rothenburg, which means red fortress.


After walking around the Town Hall, we decided that we HAD to go to the Christmas Museum and shop.  My mom and I are both huge fans of Christmas decorations!  (Like, three Christmas trees in my one-bedroom apartment fan!)  This was such a beautiful store and we had our beauties shipped home for safe-keeping!


My beautiful mother by the Christmas car!


Inside the beautiful store and museum!


This is one SERIOUS Christmas Tree… You need scaffolding to decorate it!


My mom also made my German dreams come true when she bought me this BEAUTIFUL cuckoo clock!  So beautiful!


We stumbled upon the Medieval Crime Museum and I really wanted to visit this museum, but it is sadly closed on Mondays.  However, even the tiny bits we saw outside were interesting! IMG_9483 IMG_9481


Rothenburg was our first German experience and this Bavarian beauty was a great introduction to German food, architecture and people!

Stay tuned for a post on Munich early next week!

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    May 30, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Lovely pictures. And you had a great weather, despite the season. April, was it?

    • Reply
      May 30, 2014 at 10:53 pm

      Thank you! It was actually early March, so even more exciting to have had such great weather!

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