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Seattle in 2 Hours

I have to admit something about the Emerald City.  It really drew me in. I fell in love with it, and I could see myself moving there after I graduate. Because of this instant draw, it’s unfortunate that I had to explore Seattle in 2 hours.

We had plans to go to Pike’s Place Market, maybe a museum, and of course the original Starbucks.  However, my brother, Cory, missed his flight, so we didn’t get into Seattle until about 6:30 p.m.  Pike’s Place Market was, of course, closed, and by that time we weren’t in the mood to spend a few hours in a museum (we still had to get back to Olympic National Park), but we did get to make the stop to the original Starbucks though!

We walked around the Pike’s Place Market, and watched everyone clean up their booths.  I can’t wait to go back and see it in action.  We made our way a couple blocks down, stopping in at Turkish Delight for my dad and brother to try some baklava, and it was really delicious! It was fun getting to share something with them that I fell in love with on my previous travels through Greece.

After that we made our way to the original Starbucks (a coffee lover’s Mecca).  It was really busy, but it was very organized and efficient so getting in and out was pretty easy.  It was pretty cool, and I enjoyed going, but honestly, unless you’re a Starbucks nut it’s not a must-see. I would stand outside and take a picture, instead of waiting in the line (like me), if you’re just sort-of into Starbucks.

We walked around the streets for a little while longer, and I found the greatest store I’ve ever been to!  It’s called Metzker’s Maps.   It was all map and globe items.  Amazing, right?!  I got a cute reusable water bottle with a world map on it! I really want to open a map store like this now!  Sadly, that’s just about all we did in the Emerald City, but I definitely have dreams to visit again very soon!

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