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A Couple Roadside Stops in Idaho

We drove to Boise, Idaho to stay with my dad’s best friend from when he was my age, which was great fun to hear stories about my parents!  On the way there we stopped a couple of places to break up the drive.

Our first stop was at a scenic overlook of the Snake River Canyon outside of Twin Falls, Idaho.  It’s a beautiful canyon that seems to pop up out of no where.  It’s also were Evel Knievel attempted to launch himself across the canyon, but failed.  It’s right of the road and worth stopping to take a gander.


Our other roadside stop wasn’t my favorite stop.  We stopped at Malard Gorge State Park where you can see a canyon with two waterfalls.  One of the falls leads into a pool called the Devil’s Punch Bowl.  While the canon and the falls were pretty, I don’t know that they were worth the six dollar park entry fee because you can’t get close to them; you can stand over the top of one on a bridge, but you can’t see it, and the other view is from quite a ways away.  It was pretty, but by no means my favorite.



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