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Top French Locations You Must Visit During Your Summer Holiday

This post was contributed by Hayley Jones

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Photo by Tommie Hansen

If you’re looking to book the perfect summer holiday for your family this year, it’s vital that you choose the right location. There are many countries in Europe that offer suitable accommodation and lots of activities to keep everyone occupied. I went to France last year with my family and had an amazing time. For that reason, I’m going to highlight some of the main destinations you might like to visit if you follow suit. At the end of the day, France is not far from the UK, and so you don’t have to worry about the travel time. Also, the people are very friendly.


  • ParisParis is the capital city of France, and it is one of the most common locations visited by holidaymakers. Lots of people think that area is designed for couples rather than families. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are lots of attractions for people of all age groups. Indeed, Disneyland is within the boundaries of the city, and your kids are going to love spending time there. Just ensure you make all arrangements before you leave home. It is possible to get some great ticket deals online for the entire family.


  • Lyon: I feel in love with France at a young age after my parents booked a trip. That is why I was so insistent on taking my children last year. During my first visit, I spent time in the stunning city of Lyon. It is very different to locations you might encounter near to the capital, and it offers a better perspective on the lives of French people. At the current time, Lyon is France’s third city when it comes to population size. However, that could change soon as more people move to areas like Strasbourg. Finding accommodation in Lyon is easy with the help of specialist websites.


  • Marseilles: If you want to experience city life in France while still encountering the good weather, Marseilles is somewhere you shouldn’t overlook. There are many luxury vacation rentals you could book to ensure your family is as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a hotel doesn’t cut the mustard. You need a bigger space in which you can bathe, cook, and relax with your kids. As the second largest city in France, Marseilles offers a broad range of different eateries that are sure to satisfy any personal tastes. Just make sure you hire a tour guide to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the most impressive sights.


Whichever locations you visit in France this summer, I hope you have an fantastic time. Don’t forget to take your camera along because there will be lots of opportunities to get great holiday snaps. Many people who visit that country choose to go back there time and time again. Once you’ve seen all the cities, you can concentrate on the smaller southern towns- temperatures can be hotter than those found in Italy and Spain at the right times. That is where you’ll get to see how average French people navigate their daily lives.

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