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Salty Experiences Around the Great Salt Lake

Our first “salty experience” was a dip in the Great Salt Lake.  We drove up to Antelope Island State Park which was a nice great, but it was eight dollars to enter, which I thought was a little bit pricey to just bob in the water for a minute, but what can you do?

We got to the “beach” and changed into our swimsuits.  It’s about 100 yards through this crusty sand, and the smell that comes off the lake is without a doubt one of the most putrid scents I’ve ever encountered.  We walked through an ankle-deep section of the water to get to the actual lake, and the surface of the area between this shallow pool and the actual lake was covered in brine flies- like millions of them!  Walking into the water was freezing cold, and you had to walk over this slimy, silty sand that you sink a couple of inches. (It was really quite a gross experience.)  We sat down in the water when we got about waist deep and you really do float!  I had to fight my natural instinct to try to stay afloat, but it was a crazy sensation to feel completely weightless.  As we walked back up to the beach, salt started to crystalize in my arm hair.  They had outdoor showers for free or you could pay a dollar for a four minute private, indoor shower, but you definitely want to shower.

Our other “salt experience” was the Bonneville Salt Flats right before the Nevada Border.  The Salt Flats have this eerie shine to them, and  they almost look like snow.  We just walked a little way on to them and it was odd to feel the salt crunching under your feet.  It’s not something I wold recommend driving out of your way for, but definitely stop by if you’re passing through.


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