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Laos Update

After 14 days in Laos, Stacey and I are starting our almost two-day journey to Thailand by bus & train. Laos was a country of several firsts for the trip & my travel history! Here’s a little Laos update.


Laos was our second country and our first border-crossing. I’m glad we got that under our belt because it definitely made for a long day and we were very relieved to get to our Guest House.


We also had our first bout of illnesses- I was fortunate enough to be two very different kinds of sick in Laos; lucky me. After starting our first recovery we took our first night bus (ever) and it was an absolute blast! We met a few really great people who we continued to spend time with when we all met up in Vang Vieng.


We had our first view of mountains- which is a HUGE deal for me, because we all know I love mountains and I have missed seeing my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains everyday. (I can’t believe I haven’t seen them since January!) Seriously though, aren’t these mountains stunning?


Yesterday, we visited our first cave temple. It was such a special site and nice to have a bit of a change in the type of Buddhist temples we’ve been seeing! Plus, it was a nice getaway on a slow boat.


I’m sure I could come up with a dozen other firsts, but seeing as this is  just a quick little update, I thought I would just share a few of my favorite moments. 




These three photos (above) are from Buddha Park in Vientiane. We loved walking through over 200 Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. It was amazing to see one man’s vision who sculpted each of these figures (most of which were 3+ feet tall, and the largest is 390 feet long).


Luang Prabang was by far my favorite city thus far. For the first time I visited a city and thought, I could see Matt and I living here. This is a view of the city from Phu Si.


This was my favorite stop in Laos. We went to the majestic turquoise Kuang Si waterfalls. There are several different sections of waterfalls, big & small, that spill turquoise water into each other. It was so much fun to walk around on these rocks, wade through pools and lay & run through waterfalls!

Now it’s on to Thailand. We’re very excited to start the

next stop of our journey. Cheers to new adventures!


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