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Wander Into Italy For Culinary Wonders – By Hayley Jones

Are you dreaming of taking a luxury holiday this summer? If your stomach leads the way when it comes to you choosing your destination, then Europe may be the place for you. With so many delicious regions and plenty of culinary delights in every country, you can’t really go wrong! If you love food, then your next holiday destination should definitely be in Europe where you can find some of the best restaurants in the world! Cuisine of the highest quality can be in popular tourist hot spots like Italy, France and Belgium. Take a break in one of these countries this summer and see where your stomach takes you!

Italy is, of course, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each region has something unique to offer with its selection of landscapes. It is a great country to visit, although with so much on offer you may only be able to see a little slice of a region during your stay. However, that should be enough for you sample some of the best Italian food you have ever tasted. Enjoy a traditional bolognese with a big glass of Chianti and let your taste buds tingle with delight.

Creamy Tomato Sauce

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Pizza, pasta, and spicy meatballs are firm favorites for anyone visiting Italy, but there are so many more dishes for you to explore. You could book in for some cooking classes from authentic Italian chefs while you vacation in Italy, then bring home some great recipes to enjoy. If you are staying in Italy, make the most of your time there by treating yourself to a little Italian luxury. Book into a luxury villa and live like a celebrity surrounded by the finest quality Italian homewares. Make this feast of a vacation one to remember for a lifetime!

Tuscany is certainly the region to explore first as the food here really is first class. The vineyards in the area also provide some of the world’s finest wines. It is a more relaxed region than some of the others, and mealtimes are certainly the highlight of each day. Meals can take up the entire evening and well into the night, so try not to book a pre-show meal while you are here. Instead, sit back and enjoy top service and exquisite food, served to satisfy your requirements.

The weather in Tuscany is usually warm and gentle so you can work off some of those meals by bicycling or walking along the dreamy country lanes outside of the cities. Many of the luxury villas in this area boast incredible views of the surrounding countryside. They are not short of great facilities like pools and movie rooms either. You can easily relax when you stay in a luxury villa in this part of Italy, although there are, of course, several great regions of the country to enjoy. Wherever you stay in Italy, you really are in for a treat when it comes to the cuisine, the hospitality, and the accommodation. You will find it hard to fault a single thing on this amazing vacation.

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